Friday. Always a good day.

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Anonymous said: what were the bucks you used to always wear?

They’re Walk Overs. Not sure if they still sell the exact model, but their “Abram” looks like the closest. Still wear them a bunch and love them! Definitely wouldn’t pay retail again and there are plenty of labels putting out similar shoes. Should be easy to find something used and cheap on ebay/grailed/styfo/sufu. Good luck!

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may she carry me through tough times, on and off the bike.

may she carry me through tough times, on and off the bike.

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depression came into my life like a lion and has taken a lot from me, in ways I never imagined. but it hasn’t yet taken away cycling. and i won’t fucking let it. 

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jort game: proper. fuck you, world.

jort game: proper. fuck you, world.

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iced coffee and long rides with plenty of dirt roads season.

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Poolesville Cat 3 - DNF

Flatted in the gravel on lap 3/6 (which was shortened to 3 anyway). No wheel van, no neutral support. Was with the main group when it happened and was feeling good, physically, so I’m happy with that. On the other hand, my pack skills in the cross winds were bad enough to warrant me a downgrade to the 5s, and it’s a bummer having another weekend with nothing to show for it.

Next weekend - either soyoco circuit race or Wilmington on Saturday and bike jam on Sunday. Let’s do it.

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Man, the past week or so has been awesome. The weather has been incredible and I was finally able to return to racing with a hard weekend of crit racing. Four races, two days. Fitness still has a long way to come, obviously. Still doing Page County but I won’t be race fit by then. Looking at also racing Tour of Mount Joy, which is about a month later and should give me time to race into form a bit.

For now though, life is good.

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retail therapy is the best therapy. 

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I’m in a podcast. You should listen to it.


So yeah, I still haven’t actually listened to this mostly because the sound of my voice weirds me out. But from memory we talk about a great deal of many things. 

Fake upgrade emails, peanut butter and sriracha, lots of north east bike racing, motivation, NCC crits, gear, nice guys with fancy cars and bikes, mean cat 1’s, the line between pro and amateur in cross, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I am probably forgetting about right now. 

So yeah… Listen to it. 

Brendan’s podcast is always awesome. Dan just makes it better, ATMO. 

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